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Isdal Woman: The mystery death haunting Norway for 46 years

Updated forensic drawing of the Isdal Woman Police think the woman may be Catholic, and organise a Catholic funeral for her. According to a police report of the funeral, the coffin was decorated with lilacs and tulips, and the priest conducted a simple ceremony for "the unknown woman, who was put to the grave in a foreign country without any family present". Image caption The funeral was attended by police officers Police still hope to find the woman's family - she is buried in a zinc coffin that won't decompose - and keep an album of photos from the funeral for her relatives. Harald Osland was one of the investigators reluctant to let the case go. "My father could never put this case away," his son, Tore, says. "He never could accept that they had to close down the case." Image caption The unmarked grave where the Isdal Woman's body is buried. The site is marked with a small wreath and candle His father kept several of the police documents, and Tore eventually wrote a book about the Isdal case. Over the years, the case has also inspired several crime writers and illustrators. "What intrigues people is that it is an unsolved mystery - it is almost like following a crime novel," says Gunnar Staalesen. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNorwegian crime writers explain the appeal of the Isdal Woman case Then, in 2016, the possibility of solving the case rears its head again.

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